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Horno Fino
Food and Beverage
Project Dimension

Horno Fino is a new take on a classic favorite among many! A brand rooted in ancient history: bread makers (and masters) in Rome, where the first bread making academies were founded. Taking into account 25 years of tradition, the new brand needed to be heavily resonant with their experience in traditional bread making, while still making it different, bold and fun. Up to the challenge of reimagining tradition, Brand Designer Liz Herger and Head Designer Miguel Miranda created a new logo with the roman Colosseum icon and their traditional specialty bread “Pan de piquito” which can also be interpreted as a wheat flower.  Emblems were designed to match roman gladiator shields and accompany the brand, and the custom ‘H’ in Horno Fino was made to mirror the Colosseum’s iconic arches. Micro Copies were also created to highlight their delicious ingredients as well as reinforce the brand as 100% local.

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