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Food and Beverage
Project Dimension

Miami is calling! The 305 thrives on latinx culture and roots, and of course, delicious latinx flavors. 100x35 is a criollo cuisine restaurant in Miami. We wanted to create a brand that reflected the truest essence of our beloved cocina criolla as we know it.

Who dares argue about our island’s measurements? Although not entirely accurate, 100x35 will always mean home for every Puerto Rican. Our design team created a logo using the popular measurements for P.R, and a reconceptualization of our flag’s star.

Their slogan, Cocina con Raíces, is the epitome of tradition. We selected a bold concept, where the main color in the palette is black, in contrast with plátano green and gold for our star. Local refranes, or sayings were used to accentuate the longing for Puerto Rico whenever we’re far from home.

100x35 is the place where you will enjoy a delectable home-away-from-home meal, with raíces.

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