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Bien Cool
Branding / Editorial
Project Dimension

Postales Bien Cool is a brand that in 2013 started creating greeting cards in Spanish with casual, humorous messages that speak like the average joe. In 2015, Bien Cool decided to hire Muuaaa to take its product to the next level by analyzing and relaunching not only the greeting cards, but the Bien Cool brand in general, with a unique identity that responded to its main value: to make you laugh.

The identity re-design marked a more ample distribution of the cards in drugstores and supermarkets. Muuaaa, as design partner for this brand, worked on the logo, set brand guidelines, and created original illustrations for the fun copy. The purpose behind strengthening the brand and setting its guidelines was not only to turn Bien Cool into much more than a memorable greeting card line, but also to open the doors to a whole world of merchandising that would be aesthetically recognizable and innovative.

Editorial Logo • Brand Direction • Postcard Design • Illustration • Editorial Design of the Planner

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