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Category: Branding
Project Dimension

Funsciencestic is a program that aims to improve students’ science learning experience by providing interactive STEM workshops that promote learning through discovery. Our challenge was to create a brand identity that captured the academic and scientific heart of the program, while being colorful and fun to appeal to its end-user: young, curious and inventive students.

We designed a logo composed of a bold, sans serif typography and complimented it with friendly and inviting characters, each representing a science branch and a Funsciencestic team member. As the brand’s main focal point, the 7 characters are inspired by the STEM curriculum, and illustrated to evoke a childlike inventiveness and curiosity.

The design is tailored to fit educational material, such as presentations and booklets, and to be attractive to the students the brand is reaching. However, we designed the brand looking towards the future and potential of this growing project, keeping in mind that the brand could live well beyond the workshops.

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