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Relevant Bae
Branding | Web Design
Project Dimension

Relevant Bae is a bold, daring, and in-your-face fashion online retailer brand for the confident and empowered woman, much like its creator, celebrity TV Host, model and actress Natalia Rivera. For this project, Muuaaa created the brand with the online shopping experience in mind - we designed the brand, brand development, brand voice with unapologetic micro-copies, unboxing experience, art direction and website. The brand embodies Relevant Bae’s message of standing out, speaking your mind, and not being afraid to put yourself Before Anyone Else. We are: #Freshdesign  #brandingexperts

#RelevantBae is an energizing brand that highlights living unapologetically and boldly. The visual identity extends itself onto the unboxing experience, making it memorable and exciting from beginning to end. The packaging is exciting, bold, and “instagrammable,” which provides organic marketing for the brand by giving its customers a shareable shopping experience. Sustainability was an important element in the process, so the packaging properties enable the design to become part of the customer’s day to day, rendering it #relevant.

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