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Strand Addict
Project Dimension

When a stylist is as amazing as Guin Gi, we understand why braiding one’s hair may become an addiction. Strand Addict is a beauty product line targeted to the braiding community. With a fierce look, the brand wanted to reflect its owner’s and her customers’ attitude when their personal appearance makes them feel powerful and fearless. We drew inspiration from urban environments to shape art direction and the overall feel of the brand.

Naming • Logo • Packaging • Brand Development

"I visited the island and I saw a couple new local businesses which logos captured my eye. All of them happened to be designed by Muuaaa so I knew right away, I had to choose them. My business flourished since I integrated their designs into my website and social media platforms. Improving the image of the brand I presented to the world opened countless doors for me. Putting my branding in the hands of this team was the key to take my product to the next level." - Guingui Pérez, Owner
Guingui Pérez, Owner

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