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Chef Piñeiro
Food and Beverage
Project Dimension

Celebrity Chef Piñeiro came to us for a rebranding after 10 years of being on the top shelves of virtually every supermarket in Puerto Rico being the highest selling sofrito in PR. The new brand created by our design team features an isotype using the letters ‘C’ and ‘P’ over a plate and a curved angle to represent a chef’s knife, emphasizing on Chef Piñeiro as the frontman of our culinary tradition.

Highlighting the freshness of local produce used on his sofrito and sauce products, our team used a bright palette including red, yellow and green. The vegetables on the labels accompany the Chef’s image, further reassuring the freshness of the product and bringing the brand promise forward.

Being able to showcase the ingredients, message, and product value on any food label is of the utmost importance, therefore the new label reflects clarity while presenting the brand's storytelling.

Chef Enrique Piñeiro has become a true icon of Puerto Rican cuisine and this rebrand reinforces years of tradition to bring your favorite plates to life at home with his help. The new image includes a variety of sauces, traditional sofrito and recao, for your favorite dishes to feel like a true chef’s creation.

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