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Editorial Design
Project Dimension

When entrepreneur Alessandra Correa, an entrepreneurial motivator, approached Muuaaa for help in conceptualizing what would later become a whole entrepreneurial movement, she received hundreds of applications from other entrepreneurs with questions on how to develop their business ideas. She alone could not answer or help all the ventures; she needed a tool for entrepreneurs with which they would learn where to start, how to validate their idea and ways to kickstart their project.

We worked with the client in the conceptualization of the entrepreneurial tool, copywriting, graphic design, illustrations and layout. The INprende platform has allowed thousands of entrepreneurs to define and give direction to their ventures.

The INprende Planner

The planner, completely custom-designed, with an inspiring approach through copy, has over 60 inspiring quotes on entrepreneurial empowerment, mental puzzles aimed to solve entrepreneurial problems and the weeks in each month divided by goals.

Brand development • Packaging • Editorial Design • Illustration

“Muuaaa has been an important ally in the development of my business projects. I have delegated them the great responsibility of the graphic component of my most important projects and the result has surpassed my expectations. Their professionalism, vision, talent and—most importantly—passion they instill in each project make them stand out from any other design studio.”
Alessandra Correa, Founder

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