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La Buena Pesca
Food and Beverage
Project Dimension

In this rebrand project for La Buena Pesca, our Chief Design Officer Miguel Miranda Montes wanted to highlight the nautical aspect where the brand is thought. All the elements that come to play as a fresh seafood brand.

#FreshFact: The brand type is completely customized and took inspiration from a vintage boat advert in a Puerto Rican newspaper.

Stemming from the typography, the brand’s emblem of an abstract fish is born.

In terms of color palette, blue hues were avoided for definitely making a statement in the frozen aisles in every supermarket! Although blue is not part of the palette, the selection was inspired by other colors found at sea, like grey/greige fish scales and pulp, and the bright hues of the sun coming down on the sea.

One of the most important aspects to a good branding is of course, art direction and photography. For this project, our team also provided Art Direction for the brand to be used all around, including the product photography used on their new packaging.

The plates were carefully curated and cooked to perfection by a chef, and with our team’s art direction La Buena Pesca was presented from sea to table!

Part of the project included designing the new packaging for more than 20+ products!  The brand’s renewed impact on the shelves and frozen aisles through packaging design was achieved by combining bright hues, illustrations and photos of the product in the package so the customers can identify each product.

Additionally, we worked on developing specific iconography that responds to attributes for the products, such as sustainably sourced, what country it is from, and others. These icons add value to the brand in the sense that it lives up to the name La Buena Pesca; it’s great and we tell you why. Every package includes an original recipe from local chef’s from Puerto Rico

Spot your fresh catch at your favorite supermarket!

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