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Paper Airplanes
Category: Branding
Project Dimension

Paper Airplanes is an online stationery shop focused on rescuing the art of gifting by selling unique wrapping paper, craft supplies, and other stationary items. Giving a gift to a loved one is an intimate and personal experience, which is why we focused on creating a brand that felt personal, delicate, elegant, and that connected intimately with the customer much like the gift will connect with its recipient.

To highlight both the caring and detailed nature of the product, Muuaaa created a graphic system with three main elements that compose a whole brand identity. Each element - a typographical logo, an origami bird and a vintage travel tag - is used for a specific product or application, further connecting with the feeling of a unique and customized gift. The origami bird in particular is inspired by Japanese culture and the simplicity of a paper fold, and serves as the heart of Paper Airplane’s logo.

Paper Airplanes’s typography is custom created by our design team, and is inspired by vintage travel tags, a concept that was fundamental in our research when creating the bones of the brand. The brand colors were carefully selected to tie into the main themes, and simple patterns were created to highlight the color selection and the different brand elements, as well as to bring the cozy and caring feeling the brand aims to bring to its customers into its identity.

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