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Food and Beverage
Project Dimension

Uva is one of the most popular brands during the pandemic among Gen X & Millennials. This tech company from PR wanted a rebrand the did not radically stray away from their current image, but had the ability to grow with added value for the digital ecosystem they live in as a #digitalbrand. Our design team was up for rebranding Uva! with a new logo and icon, art direction, styles, and color palette refresh. The design challenge for Uva! was to rebrand an established and growing brand With loyal satisfaction as the main concept.

Design Director Miguel Miranda-Montes and team focused on the premise of flowing, moving fast, and connecting businesses, users, and shops with a community driven macros.

The previous logo for Uva had functionality issues that were solved through subtle but important changes in typography. The new version in italics and it is slanted to embody dynamism, movement and of course, accessibility. Our Chief Design Officer Miguel Miranda-Montes took to the task of adjusting angles, thickness and positioning for the type.  

For the type, Miranda and his team created a custom type made to measure and precisely adjusted using their starting point. The new custom type is more accessible, friendly, and represents movement which can allude to the type of business.

As a wordmark, our team describes the new type as a balanced middle between playful or corporate: it is joyful!. Like the joy of getting food delivered!

Uva is the top delivery app in Puerto Rico and this new era is just the beginning of the venture of making it possible through delivery! #PideyFluye

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